“The magic of the encounter...”

Summer 2024, Plac Trzech Krzyży

“The magic of the encounter...” 

The exhibition you are witnessing stems from my understanding of the essence of sculpture and the essence of the creative process. I want to treat this historical place as a kind of agora, a space understood by the ancient Greeks as an area expressing living social fabric, a space that is an emanation of the exchange of thoughts, experiences. For a sculpture to fully come to life, it needs the Observer, it must be experienced, filtered through the sensitivity of the Viewer. An encounter is not a coincidence – it is the foundation of our existence. We define ourselves in the context of the "other," in the context of "different," in the collision with many situations... An encounter through sculpture extends our possibilities into almost magical areas that go beyond the biological significance of our species. A work of art immortalizes those who have passed away, it records our moment of existence for the future, for those who will be able to confront our works sometime later. Sculpture is like a mirror from "Alice in Wonderland." It reflects our inner reality, the one that is not visible. Sculpture has the potential to discover, materialize, actualize it. It transforms thoughts, feelings, memories into tangible matter. It captures the most dramatic element of human essence – the mutual entanglement of the material and immaterial world, of spirit and body. Our encounters in various cultural areas are increasingly based on antagonisms, social discourse is increasingly built on divisions, on what sets us apart. What is contained in the sculptures you see in this Square is related to my experience of culture not as a space of destruction but of creativity and relationship-building, creating a space that allows for encounters, despite the obvious differences that exist and even should exist.

About the Author

Łukasz Krupski

Born in 1990 in Warsaw, Łukasz Krupski is a sculptor and graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He is a recipient of various awards and artistic scholarships, including the first prize in the stone sculpture competition in Neuzelle, Germany, the Rev. Janusz Pasierb Award, and the "Young Poland" scholarship.

Krupski is the author of numerous sculptural works in Warsaw, including:

  • The Monument to a Mother in Wola
  • The Stations of the Cross in the Archcathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist
  • The Bust of Cyprian Norwid at the University of Warsaw
  • The Bust of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in front of the Archbishops' Palace in Warsaw
  • The Tombstone Monument of Jan Kobuszewski in Old Powązki Cemetery


Kama Zboralska

Journalist and author of numerous texts promoting contemporary art. She is the author of the book "101 Polish Contemporary Artists: Outstanding, Recognized, Debuting" (2019) and a series of three books: "The Art of Investing in Art: A Guide to Galleries." She is also the author of "Art Compass" and "Young Art Compass," rankings of contemporary artists published since 2008 in "Rzeczpospolita."

Since 2006, she has been a member of the Culture Committee of the Polish Olympic Committee. She is the initiator and curator of Gallery (-1), run by the Polish Olympic Committee, and has organized over 150 contemporary art exhibitions. In recognition of her contributions to the field of "sport and art," she has been honored with the silver and gold medals "For Merit to the Polish Olympic Movement" by the Polish Olympic Committee.

Since 2012, she has been the program director of the Warsaw Art Fair, one of the most important cultural events in Poland. She also lectures on the art market at the Faculty of Media Art at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

I would like to understand the world as a song about love... - these are the words of Łukasz Krupski, whose 21 sculptures, made of various materials, can be admired at Plac Trzech Krzyży. In a special place, right in the heart of Warsaw with a centrally located neoclassical Church of St. Alexander, which was opened almost 200 years ago. The message of these exceptional sculptures is incredibly coherent with the creative and life attitude of the Artist. The very contact with the stone is a mystical experience for him - the awareness that he touches, creates in a piece of rock that was a witness to what was happening on our planet hundreds of millions of years ago. The stone teaches humility. Life does too. His tastefully composed, classical in form works force, even provoke, reflection, focusing on what is most important in our earthly existence. They are surrounded by silence and peace. "Epiphany" - a female figure with a crack along the entire silhouette symbolizes the mystery - existence, fate, emotions... According to Eastern culture, everything starts from emptiness, it is the beginning of everything. Discovering, struggling to shape the mystery is the most important goal of life and creativity for the Artist. "The Birth of Venus" - a message about constant renewal, about the coexistence of body and spirit, similar to "The Sacred Body" - an attempt to unite them in harmonious unity. An eternal quest for perfection. In his quest for the truth about ourselves, the Artist delves into the doctrines of eminent philosophers and the works of leading poets including Miłosz, Herbert, Norwid. He sculpts their portraits, immortalizes masters such as Rodin and Michelangelo. These personal works of exceptional personalities stand at Plac Trzech Krzyży in a group, next to each other - creating a kind of island of creative energy. The most impressive is the separately exhibited self-portrait, extremely poignant in its message. An "encounter" with the sculptures of Łukasz Krupski, to which he gives his emotions, deepest feelings, health that arise from a genuine need of the heart, is a magical experience. The Artist refers to ancient, Christian themes - universal truths about human condition, also relating to modern times. He introduces us to a world full of metaphysical, spiritual feelings, without which our existence would be devoid of deeper meaning.

Kama Zboralska


Pl. Trzech Krzyży – ekspozycja rzeźb oraz tablic

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